Zodiak Moscow Cogs

Russian premium fixed cog
Zodiak Moscow Cogs

These are fresh off the Tu95 Bear and hail from Russia. We are delighted to have partnered with the Zodiak Design Bureau from Moscow to import their first product, a premium fixed cog. Playing about with the callipers and placing them against the EAI and Phil Wood track cogs suggests the tooth shape is about halfway between their American competitors. This is no bad thing because both these cogs are known for their low friction and quiet running. The cog benefits from extremely good machining with barely perceptible machining marks on the smoothly rounded side profile.

The finish differs from the deep blue or polished stainless of the premium American cogs - and is some sort of matt black/grey plating. However we have in the store room plenty of Sachs cogs for hub gear with exactly the same coating. These cogs last and last on badly maintained internal hub geared bikes so the finish should be excellent in this application.

Packaging can add considerable joy to the process of actually getting a product and in this instance it comes in an appropriately no nonsense paper bag with some sort of futurist graphic which might be electrons around a nucleus.

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Condition New