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Alpina F1 Spokes, Black

Classic Italian 'Blue Box' spokes in black

Alpina F1 Spokes, Silver

Classic Italian 'Blue Box' spokes

Campagnolo Axle Spacer

Nicer than a plain spacer

Campagnolo Record Pista Track Front Hub

Designed to excel in the velodrome, arguably the best hubs available for track cycling.

Campagnolo Record Pista Track Rear Hub

Designed to excel in the velodrome, arguably the best hubs available for track cycling.

Campagnolo Track Nuts

The genuine article

Formula Serrated Track Nuts (Pair)

Good quality chromium plated steel track nuts.

Goldtec Track Hub - Front

British made artisan front hub

Goldtec Track Hub - Rear

British made artisan rear hub

H Plus Son Archetype 700c

Archetypal all round rim

H Plus Son TB14

Retro style low profile rim. Black or silver.

Handbuilt Track Wheelset: Goldtec/H+Son Archetype

Super versatile fixed wheelset. Handbuilt at Hubjub

IRD Cadence

Lightweight niobium clincher rims

Kinlin ADHN

Low profile clincher rim with superior metallurgy

Kinlin TB25

Medium profile tubular rim

Kinlin XR31
Level Track Hub Front

Front track hub to complete the Level hub set.

Level Track Hub Rear

A breakthrough design hub from LeveL with advanced knuckle cog mount.

Miche Pista Track Nuts (Pair)

Decent quality chromium plated steel track nuts.

Miche Xpress Track / Road Wheels

Miche's "go to" wheels for urban fixed gear

Ryde Sputnik 700c

World famous 'bombproof' touring rim

Shimano Dura Ace 7710 Front Track Hub Locknut

Replacement front track hub locknut for Dura Ace 7710 and 7600 series hubs.

Sturmey Archer HBT30 Wheel Bearing

Buy two of these per hub!

Surly New Hub - Front

Surly's last generation hub may be behind the bleeding edge but is still one to consider


Robust little numbers from one of our favorite brands

Velox Jantex Tub Tape

Quality double sided tubular gluing tape

Velox Tubasti Rim Cement 178g Tin

High performance, professional tubular tyre glue that dries rapidly.

White Ind ENO (including Eccentrics)

The ENO Rear is essentially the non-eccentric version of the ENO for yer standard track frame.

Zenith High Flange Front Track Hub

Nice, light, sealed bearing track hubs

Zenith High Flange Rear Track Hub

Nice, light, sealed bearing track hubs


The rolling parts of the bike. Conventional wisdom is that saving weight here has much greater value than on the rest of the bike, which is true, as you have to provide two types of movement: the forward momentum of the bike as a whole, and the angular momentum of the turning wheels. Add in the impact resilience provided by the spokes and the aero effects - resistance to forward velocity and the vulnerability to cross winds - and wheel choice is crucial.

At Hubjub we are all about the handbuilt wheel made from metal components and by way of example we have included a complete wheelset here. We build to order and have a growing reputation for value. Generally we use products you see on the site but can usually source others as you prefer.