Translucent Tape (Benotto and Ciclolinea)

Ultra thin bar tape
Translucent Tape (Benotto and Ciclolinea)

This is a transparent handlebar tape from the olden days. The "cello tape" looks just like the stuff you get from the stationers, so don't expect padding to damp road buzz or excellent anti-slip qualities. Do expect an almost transparent sheen to cover your handlebar giving a look that I am assured was big in the 1970's. Whilst I have not used it myself, you apply it by wrapping in the normal way and then using a heat source (such as a lit match) to stick it back on itself. The green, white and red is of course the Mexican flag, 'cos its Benotto stuff that's made in Mexico! The black, red and blue stuff is Italian Ciclolinea from Italy.

Benotto: Pack contains 2x2.5m Roll plus 2x Shiny Bar Caps
Ciclolinea Pack contains two rolls two bar caps.


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Brand One-Off's and unbranded
Weight 0.09kg