Tange Bottom Bracket

Square taper bottom bracket
Tange Bottom Bracket

This is a Tange Seiki bottom bracket. Nothing special, this does the business for those of us who never felt any need to move away from the tried and true square taper interface. Just your usual fit n' forget BB.

We have moved to stocking the LN-7922 variant which is the higher grade version. It also features aluminium threaded cups for marginal weight reduction.

Name Shell Width Spindle Length Material Bearings Taper
LN-3922 68mm


113mm,118mm, 122mm

Steel Axle - Steel Cups Sealed JIS
LN-7922 68mm


113mm,118mm, 122mm

Steel Axle - Alloy Cups Sealed JIS

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Brand Tange Seiki
Weight 0.25kg