Surly Ultra New Hub

Robust little numbers from one of our favorite brands
Surly Ultra New Hub

The Surly Ultra New is the latest incarnation of the Surly track hub. It finally ticks almost all the boxes one could reasonably expect from a modern singlespeed hub. The most obvious advance from the previous editions are the bolt-on design rather than the more traditional nutted design. The hub has a hollow axle into which the mounting bolts thread, and this also allows it to be secured with a quick release skewer.

Overall, we think you will like this product, with so many killer features at a reasonable price. Not only that, but they are available in most all OLN spacings and drillings, with fixed/free and double fixed available, also silver or anodized. The range is so extensive we have attempted to list below. Of course we order any that we don't stock (sadly not at web prices).

Of those we stock, all front are 100mm and rear 120mm.

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Brand Surly
Weight 0.25kg