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Surly New Hub - Front

Surly New Hub - Front

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Surly's last generation hub may be behind the bleeding edge but is still one to consider

The Surly New Hubs feature the tried and tested traditional nutted design.

The hidden advantage to this hub are the use of angular contact bearings which emulate the cup and cone of a traditional adjustable bearing, but within a cartridge format. The inherent fit and forget nature of cartridges remain unchanged, as all the wearing surfaces are still contained in the cartridge which you replace. What it does mean however is that when the bearings wear and this manifests as play there is the opportunity to extend bearing life by adjusting out the wear. When the time for adjustment does arrive some mechanical sympathy and feel is required but this is jam to any bike mechanic. These bearings are one reason to consider the "New" hub rather than the "Ultra New", the simple threaded axle (can replace with any generic solid axle found in almost all bike shops) being another.

The hub shell is the same forging that is used for a long while. The medium height flange is just right, giving more rigidity than low flanges without the strength and pliance compromises entailed by track style high flanges.
Overall, we think you will like this product, with so many killer features at a reasonable price. Not only that, but they are available in most all OLN spacings and drillings, with fixed/free and double fixed available, also silver or anodized. The range is so extensive we have attempted to list below, if in doubt see selection menus (or the Surly website) for complete listing.

36h black only Nut fit (not allen key)
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