Sugino OX901D 165mm 44-30t

Top of the line Sugino OX "Super compact"
Sugino OX901D 165mm 44-30t
The OX901D is top of the tree in Sugino's range of "Compact Plus+" (to use the Compan'y own branding). These offer a number of advantages over our more popular OX601D.

Like its predecessor the OX801D the metallurgy is superior to the 601. The finish is also higher grade. The other differences represent refinements of the OX801D. The Q-factor is tweaked to 145mm. This is usual on racing cranks and gaurantees the most efficient biomechanics. The set includes 11 speed chainrings whereas those supplied as standard on the OX601D are rated as 10 speed.

Do you need a 901D over the 601? If your bike runs 11 speed it is modern and posh enough to justify the best, then the 901 it is. Most tourers will work fine with the 601, however the 901 gives room to grow and run the latest multispeed transmission. We dont think many people will regret the more expensive offering.
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Brand Sugino
Condition New