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Factory 5 Titan Stem

Radically designed quill stem for 31.8mm bars. Silver or black.

Nitto CT-1 Craft Quill Stem

A thing of beauty

Nitto FU-82 Quill Stem

The Periscopa

Nitto Handlebar Shim 25.4 - 26.0mm

25.4mm clamp diameter on your bars? Want a stem thats 26.0mm? This is your answer!

Nitto MT-10  165 Dirt Drop Quill Stem

Forged aluminium quill riser stem. 165mm or 190mm post and two clamp sizes

Nitto MT-10 225 Dirt Drop Quill Stem

Extra high rise quill stem. 25.4mm clamp.

Nitto NJPro-AA Jaguar NJS Quill Stem

Iconic Nitto Jaguar Professional NJS quill stem

Nitto NTC-225 Technomic Quill Stem

The 225mm tall handlebar stem with its own entry in the Sheldon Brown Glossary

Nitto NTC-A Dynamic Quill Stem

Nitto Dynamic luxury 1" quill stem

Nitto NTC-DX Tallux 225 Technomic Deluxe Stem

Premium quill stem from Nitto with extra long 225mm post

Nitto NTC-DX Technomic Deluxe Stem

Premium quill stem from Nitto with 190mm post

Nitto Pearl Quill Stem

Nitto's signature alloy quill stem with exquisite finish/design and 150mm post

Nitto Stem Tool 4

No more scratched handlebars

Nitto UI-22 EX

Finely crafted 31.8mm ahead stem from Nitto

Nitto UI-85 EX

Finely crafted 26.0mm ahead stem from Nitto

Nitto UI-86 EX

Finely crafted 26.0mm ahead stem from Nitto

Zenith Classic Road Ahead Stem

No-nonsense forged Ahead stem with polished finish


1 1/8" Ahead Stem on a 1" Threadless Steerer? No problem!


The bicycle stem is one of the key safety critical components and is also on prominent display so might as well look good. Our stems are typically made of forged aluminium alloy. Hubjub were one of the few people keeping high quality quill stems when we came on the scene in the first half of the "noughties" and are pleased to continue offering the likes of Nitto, But we also have discreet unbranded Ahead stems for understated builds.