Shimano CX-70 Front Mech

Front derailleur for touring double chainset
Shimano CX-70 Front Mech
This is one of those howlers that took so long to find but had been there all along and fulfilled a requirement that many other people had. The CX-70 is a perfect compliment for our popular Sugino OX(x)01D and other "super-compact" cranks.

The CX stands for something called "cyclo-cross" - apparently something that involves mud and is popular in Belgium. What you need to know is that the CX-70 is suitable for double chainsets with smaller rings than "road racer" convention. Available in braze-on and clamp variants the unit features matt grey forgings.

Now what drew me to the CX-70 is that I run a custom steel bike (see picture). It has a comparatively relaxed seat angle and low bottom bracket. When I switched to the Sugino OX601D I tried various road and MTB double front mechs and found that, due to the frame angles, the road ones would foul on the chainstay. But the MTB one I tried would not come far enough inboard to drop the chain into the lower ring. The CX-70 came about through a recommendation and it just did the job. I'm given to understand it is quite effective on triple chainsets. We might be told these are history, but they are still a worthy choice for touring.

The unit itself is nice quality consumate with the rest of Shimano's high end stuff. It has all the hallmarks of a cult classic that will be greatly coveted when it goes out of production. Down pull only.
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Condition New