Nuts, Bolts and Lockrings



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Andel Track Hub Lockring

CrMo CNC lockring 1.29x24TPI

Campagnolo Track Hub Lockring

The real thing

Chainring or Axle Spacers

Chainring spacers useful for chainline adjustment, also useful as axle spacers

Dia-Compe Brake Cable Guide

To keep everything where it should be

Genetic Seatpin Bolt CrMo Steel

Classic double hex seat post bolt

Genuine Campy Tracknuts

Campagnolo track nuts.

Miche Pista Track Nuts (Pair)

Decent quality chromium plated steel track nuts.

Miche Primato Track Hub Lockring, Italian Threaded

Miche Threaded Chromed Steel Lockring

Shimano Dura Ace 7710 Front Track Hub Locknut

Replacement front track hub locknut for Dura Ace 7710 and 7600 series hubs.

Shimano Dura-Ace Tracknut

Heavy Duty Tracknut

Silva Seatpost Bolt CrMo Steel 19mm

Classic double hex seat post bolt 19mm.

Single Chainring Bolts

Great value for money

Stainless Steel Single Chainring Bolts

Hate rust? Get these.

Sugino 75 Single Chainring Bolts

Steel chainring bolts for track cranks

Zenith Seatpin Bolt CrMo Steel

Classic double hex seat post bolt available in 19mm, 22mm, 25mm lengths.


This is the section for the small parts that you need to finish your build, crank bolts, lonckrings and single chainring bolts for example. 

When choosing a lockring you need to know if it is BSA or Italian thread. Most Japanese or Taiwanese hubs will use the BSA whereas Campagnolo and Phil wood to name two will run the Italian standard. Make sure you check - the wrong size will often seem to go at first with disastrous consequences!