Nitto Stem Technomic Deluxe

Premium quill stem
Nitto Stem Technomic Deluxe

One of our perennial favourites. At 190mm, the Technomic Deluxe are amongst the tallest quill stems on the UK market.

A worthy upgrade from the standard Technomic with even better finish. Polished to perfection with one of those uniquely Japanese satinised polishes and an elegant clamp design whose pinch bolt engages with the same smoothly faired triangular nut as the Pearl rather than the industrial hex shaped item of the regular Technomic.

The 225 mm version of the Technomic Deluxe is almost the tallest quill on the UK market and owes its existence to the Rivendell Bicycle Works who introduced it as the "Tallux". There is only really one disadvantage with a long stem (well two if you count the weight) - that it might be too long for bikes with short head tubes, if a rider was to need the bars quite low then it could bottom out on the crown.

 Stem Type Forged Aluminium Quill Stem
 Post Length 190mm - 225mm
 Extension 50mm to 130mm 
 Bar Clamp 26mm
 Quill 22.2mm (1")
 Angle 71°
 Colour Silver Ano
 Quoted Weight 300g

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Brand Nitto
Weight 0.25kg