Nitto Stem Technomic

The handlebar stem with its own entry in the Sheldon Brown Glossary
Nitto Stem Technomic

This is the Nitto Technomic stem, a forged alloy stem standing tall at 225mm. Built in the traditional "7" shape and nicely polished, it announces its presence with the word "technomic" stamped into the forward extension in nice curly font.

If you want an even nicer finish and sleek design, consider stepping up to the Technomic Deluxe.

 Stem Type Quill Stem
 Post Length 225mm
 Extension 50mm,70mm,90mm,110mm
 Bar Clamp 25.4mm
 Quill 22.2mm (1")
 Angle 73°
 Colour Polished 
 Weight 400g
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Brand Nitto
Weight 0.25kg