Nitto are one of the longstanding favourites of Hubjub, in fact a longstanding favourite of cycling. For many years a bastion of the craft tradition of bicycle handlebar manufacture In fact it was the last man standing in what was a cottage industry of small workshops around Tokyo making handlebars anoints other bicycle related parts.

Now there are a number of new products in the portfolio, partly by the demands of a resurgent urban cycling market, partly due to Rivendell Bicycle works whose fruitful partnership with Nitto resulted in the "noodle", "albatross" and a host of other improbably named handlebars.

With the widest range of Nitto bars in the UK, Hubjub have curated the definitive selection of Nitto bars for road, trail as well as the streets and velodromes of our roots.

Most Nitto comes via our UK agents so arrives fast even when marked out of stock, you will be advised if there might be some waiting.
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