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Nitto  RM-016 Moustache

"Moustache" handlebar, heat treated aluminium. 25.4mm or 26.0mm clamp

Nitto B127 NJS

NJS stamped Cr-Mo steel track bars.

Nitto B132AAF Grand Randonneur

Grand Randonneur touring handlebar from Nitto

Nitto B135 AA Randonneur

The randonneur bar is overdue for a revival.

Nitto B135 SSB Randonneur

Supremely comfortable rando/touring bars for long days in the saddle

Nitto B206AA

Urban bar also known as the 'Nordeast'

Nitto B2500

Straight alloy pipe - the simplest form of handlebar

Nitto B2520AA

52cm flat bar with a slight bend

Nitto B2522 Jitensha

Classic Nitto urban flat bar

From: £35.00
Nitto B260AA

Nitto's take on the narrow urban riser bar

Nitto B263 Bullhorn

Elegantly simple bullhorn

Nitto B302AA North Road

Classic reversible bars

Nitto B307AA

Urban Moustache Bars

Nitto B347 Dove

Narrower North Road bar

Nitto B352AA  Albatross

Light weight swept back handlebars. 25.4mm clamp

Nitto B483

51cm North Road inspired bar - flippable for an aggressive riding position

Nitto B809AA

Wide. Very.

Nitto B825AA Butterfly

Multi -position 'butterfly' touring bars

Nitto Campee 34F Front Rack

Bombproof front rack for serious touring

Nitto CT-1 Craft Quill Stem

A thing of beauty

Nitto Dynamic 2 Quill Stem

Nitto Dynamic 2 luxury 1" quill stem

Nitto EC-01 Bar End Caps

The perfect finishing touch for drop bars

Nitto EC-02 Bar End Caps

The perfect finishing touch for flat bars

Nitto FU-82 Quill Stem

The Periscopa

Nitto FW82 'For Shred'

Wide elegant flat bars with 25mm rise.

Nitto Handlebar Shim 25.4 - 26.0mm

25.4mm clamp diameter on your bars? Want a stem thats 26.0mm? This is your answer!

Nitto Lamp Holder 2

Extra real estate for mounting lights/gadgets

Nitto Lamp Holder 26.0

Single clamp extra real estate for mounting lights/gadgets

Nitto LS-100 Lugged Quill Stem

Beautifully matches the Nitto S-84 Seat Post

Nitto M106SSB Neat 31.8mm

Lightweight short reach bars

Nitto M109AA

Compact drop bars with a 26mm clamp. Black or silver

Nitto M151AA SSB Compact 31.8

Classically styled handlebar with modern geometry

Nitto Mod177 Noodle

Nitto's best all round drops

From: £36.00
Nitto MT-10  8 cm Dirt Drop Quill Stem

Forged aluminium quill riser stem

From: £40.00
Nitto MT-10 10 cm Dirt Drop Quill Stem

Extra high rise quill stem

From: £40.00
Nitto MT-11 Quill Stem

Nitto Quill Stem for 1 1/8" Threaded Steerer

Nitto NJPro-AA Jaguar NJS Quill Stem

Iconic Nitto Jaguar Professional NJS quill stem

Nitto NTC-150 Technomic Quill Stem 26.0mm Clamp

Standard height Technomic stem with 150mm shaft and 26.0mm Clamp

Nitto NTC-225 Technomic Quill Stem

The 225mm tall handlebar stem with its own entry in the Sheldon Brown Glossary

Nitto NTC-280 Technomic Quill Stem

The tallest of tall stems (probably)

Nitto NTC-A Dynamic Quill Stem

Nitto Dynamic luxury 1" quill stem

Nitto NTC-A Dynamic Quill Stem Black

Nitto Dynamic luxury 1" quill stem

Nitto NTC-DX 190 Technomic Deluxe Stem

Premium quill stem from Nitto with 190mm post

Nitto NTC-DX Tallux 225 Technomic Deluxe Stem

Premium quill stem from Nitto with extra long 225mm post

Nitto Pearl Quill Stem

Nitto's signature alloy quill stem with exquisite finish/design and 150mm post

Nitto R14 Rear Rack

Carrier type rack to keep big saddlebags clear of your rear wheel

Nitto Rack M12 Front Carrier

Front rack designed for band free installation on cantilever equipped fork

Nitto Rack M18 Front Carrier

Front rack for drilled front fork

Nitto Rack R10 Rear Bag Supporter

Carrier type rack to keep big saddlebags clear of your rear wheel

Nitto RB-002

Shallow drop urban pursuit bars

Nitto RB-010 Pursuit Bar

Pursuit bar, shallow drop 25.4mm clamp.

Nitto RB-018AA

Heat Treated urban pursuit bars in a beautiful silver grey colour

Nitto RB-021 Pursuit Bar

Mid drop pursuit bar. 26.0mm clamp

Nitto RB0-36 Bullhorn

Bullhorn/Pursuit bar with 31.8mm clamp

Nitto RM-013 Dirt Drop

Slightly flared drop handlebar with 25.4mm or 26.0mm clamp - perfect for touring.

Nitto RM-014 "Dirt Drop"

No mistaking those flared ends, a full 52cm apart.

Nitto RM-3 "Dirt Drop" Handlebars

Gravel bars for 25.4mm clamp. Extra wide flared ends, up to 58cm apart.

Nitto S65 'Crystal'

Nitto's most popular seatpost in black or silver

Nitto S66 Triathlon Seatpost

Unique forward facing seatpost made for time trial and triathlon use.

Nitto S83 Seatpost

The S-83 is a spinoff from Nitto's upmarket Keirin posts.

Nitto S92 Seatpost

Zero offset seatpost from Nitto available in black or silver

Nitto SP72 'Jaguar' Seatpost

Iconic NJS forged alloy seat post

Nitto Stainless Steel Bolt Caps - Pack of 4

A luxury not a necessity, but you know you want them

Nitto Stem Tool 4

No more scratched handlebars

Nitto UI-22 EX

Finely crafted 31.8mm ahead stem from Nitto

Nitto UI-85 EX

Finely crafted 26.0mm ahead stem from Nitto

Nitto UI-86 EX

Finely crafted 26.0mm ahead stem from Nitto

Nitto are a longstanding favourites of Hubjub, in fact a longstanding favourite of cycling in general. For many years a bastion of the craft tradition of bicycle handlebar manufacture, it was the last man standing in what was a cottage industry of small workshops around Tokyo making handlebars and other parts.

Now there are a number of new products in the portfolio, partly due to the demands of a resurgent urban cycling market and partly due to Rivendell Bicycle works whose fruitful partnership with Nitto resulted in the "Noodle", "Albatross" and a range of other improbably named handlebars.

With the widest range of Nitto products in the UK, Hubjub have curated the definitive selection for road and trail as well as the streets and velodromes of our roots.

Most Nitto comes via our UK agents so arrives fast even when marked out of stock, let us know if there's something you want and we'll do our best to get hold of it for you.