Level Rear Hub

A breakthrough design hub from LeveL with advanced knuckle cog mount.
Level Rear Hub

The InI Rear Hub is the core Level offering, and at its heart is Scott's knuckle interface between hub and cog. The special cog fits snugly over lugs projecting from the hub shell and is then secured with three TorX bolts. This enables a very positive lock while still allowing you to swap sprockets with a tiny pocket driver. Whilst superficially similar, is a quantum leap over the ISO 6 bolt designs, requiring only half the fastenings (read - half the time twiddling the bolts come changeover time) and the ability to take smaller cogs. Also remarkable is the hub's respaceability. If you decide to change spacings in future, you can take your LeVeL with you. Using handtools, you can reconfigure your LeVeL for a 120 or 135mm bike in a few minutes.

Dont for a moment think that it is all about whizzy technologies crammed into a generic hub, oh no. The hub shell is a machinist's work of art, with a slightly organic shape with the flanges dished inwards to align with the direction of force.


 Hub Type Fixed/Fixed
 Holes 32h
 Flange Height  
 Axel Spacing 120mm Rear (Can be changed quickly)
 Bearings Sealed
 Axel Fitting Bolt On
 Colour Silver Ano
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