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Kontact Saddle

Kontact Saddle
Kontact Saddle
Kontact Saddle
Kontact Saddle
Kontact Saddle

Kontact Saddle

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The perfect combination of speed and comfort -
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Bicycle saddles designed from research and experience, the shape of this saddle is intended to avoid conflict with leg movement yet provide endurance ride comfort. Kontact founder Andrew has put his considerable knowledge of anatomy into making this saddle supportive in precicesly the correct way: blood circulation "down there" is apparently increased fourfold. It does this through a flatter wide section that puts most of the support under the sit bones whcih are intended to take the weight of the upper body and sculpting away material which would at best interfere with leg lovement or at worse apply pressure where it is not needed or desrable. The result of the design philosophy is a much more angular looking seat whose comfort is deceptive. We have just handed one over to our tame sportif rider so watch this space for a more complete review.


  • Color: Matte black with black gloss lettering and white stripes
  • Now upgraded to all premium materials!
  • Natural leather cover
  • Carbon reinforced base
  • Hollow Chromium/Titanium alloy rails
  • Ultra-light foam padding
  • L= 10.5 (267mm)
  • W= 5.25 (133mm)

THis saddle was recently given an 8/10 from 

Kontact saddle features

avoid saddle pain 

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