Low profile clincher rim with superior metallurgy

This is a medium width rim. The Taiwanese Kinlin is a shallow box section rim which my vernier caliper says is 23.5mm overall width. You got single eyelets. The finish is very good particularly the silver which has is very approperiate for retro builds. A great value substitute for the H Plus Son TB14, which we also do.

The real Kinlin edge is invisible but vital: the metallurgy. Know how people go on about the quality of things in the old days being superior to products available today? Thats often due to the quality of the metal. Kinlin uses T10 tempering on its aluminium: the most comprehensive of the internationally recognised heat treatment proceses. Result: stronger wheel, longer life particularly the braking surface. The inherent dimensional stability will also make your wheelbuilder happy.

Available in high polish silver or black. All versions have machined sidewalls.

Always in stock with wholesaler, availability good.

 Rim Type Low profile clincher rim
 Material Aluminium alloy
 Rim Size 700c
 Width 24mm
 Depth 18mm 
 Drilling 32h/36h
 Colour Polished Silver / Black 
 Weight 510g
 ERD 605mm
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Brand Kinlin
Weight 0.8kg