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Benotto Cello Tape

70s & 80s style plastic bar tape

Ciclolinea Bar Tape

Ultra thin bar tape

Cinelli Cork Ribbon Bar Tape

The Original Cork Ribbon Bar Tape

Cinelli Cork Ribbon Black Bar Tape

Because sometimes you just want plain black

Cinelli Cork Ribbon Splash Bar Tape

Bar tape for extroverts

Cinelli Gel Cork Black Bar Tape

Classic Cinelli tape with the extra comfort of Gel padding

Cinelli Macro Splash Cork Bar Tape Red/Black

Bar tape for extroverts

Cinelli Pista Track Handlebars

Modern version of the iconic Cinelli Pista Bar

Cinelli Wand Bar

Urban flat bar with 31.8mm clamp.

Deda Streetissimo

Narrow riser bar in black or white. 31.7mm clamp

Dia-Compe ENE Bar Tape Clamp

The smart way to finish your bar tape

Drop Bar Gel Pads

Gel padding for your handlebar tape.

Genetic Toro

Classically shaped bullhorns.

Genetic Vein Grips


Handlebar Shim

Adapt small diameter bars to fit into larger diameter stems. 22.2-25.4mm, 25.4-31.8mm, 26.0-31.8mm.

Newbaum's Cushioned Cotton Bar Tape

Cushioned cotton tape in a wide range of colours

Newbaum's Hemp Twine

The traditional way to finish off your bar tape.

Newbaums Cotton Bar Tape

Top quality cotton tape in a wide range of colours

Nitto  RM-016 Moustache

"Moustache" handlebar, heat treated aluminium. 25.4mm or 26.0mm clamp

Nitto B127 NJS

NJS stamped Cr-Mo steel track bars.

Nitto B132AAF Grand Randonneur

Grand Randonneur touring handlebar from Nitto

Nitto B135 AA Randonneur

The randonneur bar is overdue for a revival.

Nitto B135 SSB Randonneur

Supremely comfortable rando/touring bars for long days in the saddle

Nitto B206AA

Urban bar also known as the 'Nordeast'

Nitto B2500

Straight alloy pipe - the simplest form of handlebar

Nitto B2520AA

52cm flat bar with a slight bend

Nitto B2522 Jitensha

Classic Nitto urban flat bar

Nitto B260AA

Nitto's take on the narrow urban riser bar

Nitto B263 Bullhorn

Elegantly simple bullhorn

Nitto B267AA SSB Black or Silver

Nitto's heat treated urban riser bar for 31.8 mm stem

Nitto B302AA North Road

Classic reversible bars

Nitto B307AA

Urban Moustache Bars

Nitto B347 Dove

Narrower North Road bar

Nitto B352AA  Albatross

Light weight swept back handlebars. 25.4mm clamp

Nitto B483

51cm North Road inspired bar - flippable for an aggressive riding position

Nitto B809AA

Wide. Very.

Nitto B825AA Butterfly

Multi -position 'butterfly' touring bars

Nitto B840AA

Wide elegant shot blasted bars with a 21mm rise.

Nitto EC-01 Bar End Caps

The perfect finishing touch for drop bars

Nitto EC-02 Bar End Caps

The perfect finishing touch for flat bars

Nitto FW82 'For Shred'

Wide elegant flat bars with 25mm rise.

Nitto Handlebar Shim 25.4 - 26.0mm

25.4mm clamp diameter on your bars? Want a stem thats 26.0mm? This is your answer!

Nitto M106SSB Neat 31.8mm

Lightweight short reach bars

Nitto M109AA

Compact drop bars with a 26mm clamp. Black or silver

Nitto M151AA SSB Compact 31.8

Classically styled handlebar with modern geometry

Nitto Mod177 Noodle

Nitto's best all round drops

Nitto RB-002

Shallow drop urban pursuit bars

Nitto RB-009 Pursuit Bar

Pursuit bar from Nitto with 26.0mm clamp

Nitto RB-010 Pursuit Bar

Pursuit bar, shallow drop 25.4mm clamp.

Nitto RB-018AA

Heat Treated urban pursuit bars in a beautiful silver grey colour

Nitto RB-021 Pursuit Bar

Mid drop pursuit bar. 26.0mm clamp

Nitto RB-030 Pursuit Bar

Elegant pursuit bar with 25.4mm clamp

Nitto RB0-36 Bullhorn

Bullhorn/Pursuit bar with 31.8mm clamp

Nitto RM-013 Dirt Drop

Slightly flared drop handlebar with 25.4mm or 26.0mm clamp - perfect for touring.

Nitto RM-014 "Dirt Drop"

No mistaking those flared ends, up to 52cm apart.

Nitto RM-3 "Dirt Drop" Handlebars

Gravel bars for 25.4mm clamp. Extra wide flared ends, up to 58cm apart.

Oury Grips
Soma Lauterwasser Alloy

Remake of a classic 1930s design. 25.4mm clamp

Soma Lauterwasser CroMo

The famous Lauterwasser handles bars in good old steel. 25.4mm clamp.

Soma Metallic Shiney Chrome Handlebar Tape

Chrome Handlebar Tape? Whatever next!

Soma Noah's Arc Bar

Elegant curved bar

Soyo Long Grips
Soyo Long Grips SV

Luxury track grips 175mm long

Stella Azzura Alpha Bar Tape Clamps

​​​​​​​Get a lock on your handlebar tape.

Strong J Grips

The ultimate in track bar grips

Strong V Grips

As close as you can get to an NJS approved grip

Velox Leather Look Soft Grip Handlebar Tape

It's a classic with holes in

Velox Rubber Expanding Bar End Plugs

Secure and reliable rubber stops

Velox Tressorex/Tressostar Cloth Bar Tape

In a range of colours

Velox Wood and Cork Bar End Plugs

Drink 2 bottles of Champagne......or buy these

The handlebar does more than just make the bike go where you want: it is extra leverage for mashing up that hill or skidding, gives you something to push back against when braking so you don't slide forward off the saddle, and during the rest of the time will support around a third of your body weight and considerably more than that when you drop off a curb.

And then it is a convenient place to attach things, from the essential controls to lights and even luggage. With all these jobs to do, can you expect your handlebar to also look good? Well you can, when you are running a Nitto. This Japanese range has always been a favourite here at Hubjub and the range continues to expand.