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Ciclolinea Translucent Plastic Bar Tape

Ultra thin bar tape

Cinelli Cork Ribbon Splash Bar Tape

Bar tape for extroverts

Dia-Compe ENE Bar Tape Clamp

The smart way to finish your bar tape

Drop Bar Gel Pads

Gel padding for your handlebar tape.

Genetic Leopard Skin Bar Tape

Animal prints are very hot on the Paris catwalk this season.

Genetic Vein Grips


Newbaums Cotton Bar Tape

Top quality cotton tape in a wide range of colours

Nitto EC-01 Bar End Caps

The perfect finishing touch for drop bars

Nitto EC-02 Bar End Caps

The perfect finishing touch for flat bars

Oury Grips
Stella Azzura Alpha Bar Tape Clamps

​​​​​​​Get a lock on your handlebar tape.

Strong V Grips

As close as you can get to an NJS approved grip


Ỳour polished handlebar might be nice but in the interests of practicality you are going to have to cover it with something grippy. So your handlebar tape may as well look good. Here at Hubjub we have a number of different tapes and grips, from the retro Newbaums to the chunky Oury.