Goldtec Track Hubs

Goldtec Track Hubs
The Goldtec track hub is one of the key products from the BETD stable.

This British built cartridge seled bearing, bolt-on hub is easily a match for its artisan competitors from the USA. The rear hub features a 12mm axle with 10mm flats. The slot height of track ends is also usually 10mm so this makes for a snug contact and also stops you spinning the axle whilst fastening it.

The rear is double fixed configuration only. Other stuff you need to know: the chain spacing usually works out at 42.5 mm and the lockring is ISO (Shimano) thread.

Hubjub holds the 32h 120mm rear spacing with aluminium axle in stock. Other choices are assembled in the factory to order, your options are as follows:

- All spoke counts from 20h to 36
- All common spacings 120mm - 126mm - 130mm - 135mm
- Steel Axle for additional strength.
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Brand Goldtec
Condition New