Gebhardt Track Chainring 130 BCD

Duralumin track chainwheel
Gebhardt Track Chainring 130 BCD

Introduced in 1993 as the first product from Gebhardt, these chainwheels are getting an excellent reputation for quality at an affordable price.

The material is Duralumin or Dural (an old fashioned word for a type of hardened aluminium alloy which was used to build zeppelins and in other vintage auronautical applications) which is a material also familiar to connoisseurs of vintage bike parts.

This means that it is likely to last as long as chainwheels from TA and other revered makes of yore. Of course it is machined with an efficient tooth profile and has a deep shape for stiffness.

We can source em in black and silver, from 41 to 51 teeth. Our supplier holds almost every possible combination so even where the product is marked out of stock (or not listed!) we normally get it in within the week.

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Brand One-Off's and unbranded
Weight 0.15kg