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Euro Asia Imports

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EAI Gold Medal Pro

The GoldMedal Pro, now somewhat reworked from its original appearance, is EAI's ne plus ultra cog.

EAI Standard Brake Hoods Non-Aero

Campagnolo/Modolo non-aero brake hoods in black/tan

EAI Steel Cog

Euro Asia Imports steel sprockets are currently our best sellers

EAI Superstar

The Superstar shares much of the technology of the Gold Medal, but without the gold-coloured coating.

EAI Track Tool

Shiny remover of sprockets, lockrings and hub nuts.

EAI were suppliers to the US track racing scene since the 1970s. Their name stems from their specialism in bringing the finest track racing goodies to the UK.

Their staple product as far as Hubjub are concerned has always been their track cogs. But our dealings with them go much deeper and there are a lot of rare out-of-production items we source through them. We tend to receive deliveries every few months, so you may have to wait, however for that finishing touch we might be your best bet. Check their website and let us know if there is anything we can help with.

Euro-Asia is of course based stateside and we only tend to order from them quarterly. Popular items are prone to become unavailable prior to restocking, however those who do pre-order will have priority when new stock does come.