Dia-Compe Gold Finger Brake Lever

Discrete deceleration for your track bike
Dia-Compe Gold Finger Brake Lever

The goldfinger lever is cold forged alloy 1 finger lever, it comes with a shim so you can fit 22.2mm or 25.4mm. We love the clamp design as you can easily move it around, we sell them separately.  


GOLD FINGER with CNC Hole Lever handle

  Forged aluminum bracket (Anodized; powder white or pink)

  Forged aluminum Lever handle (Anodized)

  Double bent lever handle for Dirt jump

  Hinged clamp

  Clamp 25.4mm standard or w/sleeve for 22.2mm handle bar.

  Usable on curve position (Short handle bar)

  Freestyle use.



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Brand Dia-Compe
Weight 0.25kg