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Dia Compe BRS Brake Cable Set

Get your braking efforts from your lever to your brake.

Dia-Compe Brake Cable Guide

To keep everything where it should be

Dia-Compe BRS100 Brake Caliper

Dual pivot short drop caliper available in black or silver

Dia-Compe BRS101 Brake Caliper

Dual pivot medium drop caliper available in black or silver

Dia-Compe BRS101 Clamp On Track Brake, Rear

Medium reach caliper for mounting on non-drilled frames

Dia-Compe BRS101 Clamp-On Track Brake, Front

Medium reach calliper for mounting on non-drilled track frames

Dia-Compe BRS202 Brake Caliper

Dual pivot long drop caliper available in black or silver

Dia-Compe DC-139 Guidonnet Brake Levers

Shaped Levers to fit pursuit or swept back bars

Dia-Compe ENE Bar Tape Clamp

The smart way to finish your bar tape

Dia-Compe Goldfinger Brake Lever

Discrete deceleration for your track bike

Dia-Compe Track Brake Clamp

Handy little brake clamps to fit to track forks.

Dia Compe were a name that was big in the older period for Japanese bicycle components in the 1970s and 1980s and also well known in the BMX fraternity. Sadly the increased complexity and integration of road racing groups locked out Dia Compe and they subsequently became Taiwanese owned. They remain good bet for the more conservative touring rider and the road fixed rider with a number of solidly made and nicely finished parts.

Dia Compe is available via our UK agents so arrives fast even when marked out of stock.