Custom Bike and Wheels Builds 

Custom Bikes

Here at Hubjub we think we know a thing or two about bicycle technology and its use. The next step for us is to put this knowledge to use and build your ideal bike for you.

We dont take this task lightly. Everything has to work and the bike has to look reasonable. The good news is that these two objectives are not mutually exclusive - in fact form often follows function. Nowhere is this more true than with the handlebars, and with our range of Nitto we are well placed to do this.

There is no cheating with bikes, as inferior design cannot be stuffed under the bonnet where it can't be seen. With so many good bikes out there the custom bike needs something special and Hubjub can offer this:
We have built many machines that do not fall within the "NJS dream machine for tarmac" category that many presume. These range from City singlespeed bikes based around proprietory steel frames to a roughstuff tourer built around a Surly Straggler with Alfine gearing 


Again, before going for a custom wheel you might want to satisfy yourself that what you want is not already available off the shelf. We find more customers are concerned that factory wheels are too lightweight for your intended use than require "racing specials". To this end we often do 36 spoke wheels and other abnormal applications such as tandems. We also sell a lot of shiny wheels based on our wheel rims and hubs.


When do you start a custom build? When there is not a bike on the market that has the equipment that you want! Your reasons for thinking this will vary, and I see it as my duty to advise if I think you are proposing something that is not in your best interest.

Just drop us a line and we will advise whether we can help!