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DID Racing Pro NJS 1/8" Track Chain

DID Pro Racing NJS approved 1/8" track chain

DID Track Chain  1/8"

DID standard 1/8" track chain in black or silver

Genetic Fender Chain Tug

Neat solution for fitting mudguards to frames with horizontal dropouts

Gusset 1/8" Joining Link

Classic spring link for joining regular 1/2"x1/8" chains

Gusset Half Link / Slink

We're now stocking a common-or-garden halflink, the Gusset Slink.

Izumi 1/8" Chain - Black 116L

Standard black 1/8" chain from Izumi

Izumi 1/8" Chain - Gold 116L

Standard gold 1/8" chain from Izumi

Izumi 1/8" Chain - Jet Black/Gold 116L

Standard black 1/8" chain from Izumi

Izumi 1/8" Chain - Jet Black/Silver 116L

Jet black/silver 1/8" track chain from Izumi

Izumi 1/8" Chain - Silver 116L

Standard silver 1/8" chain from Izumi

Izumi 1/8" Model 'V' Super Toughness NJS Track Chain 116L

NJS approved 1/8" track racing chain from Izumi

Izumi Chain Link

The Izumi halflink is useful for rapid pit stops and ratio fettling

KMC B1S Chain 1/8"

Budget 1/8" chain

MKS CA-MKS Chain Adjuster 5mm NJS

Genuine MKS tug nut with an NJS stamp

Single Speed Chain Tensioner

Nicely made single speed chain tensioner for singlespeed conversions

SunXCD Chain Tug With Derailleur Hanger

The solution to fitting gears to bikes with track ends.

Surly Tuggnut Chain Tensioner

Beefy stainless tug nut that turns your bike into a bottle opener.


The key part of the bicycle transmission for well over 100 years: the roller chain. Of course we major on the top end NJS certified chains but the manufacturers of these also have less exotic alternatives available for the street.
For those who have converted road frames with shorter (or vertical) dropouts we have always sold half links.