Bike Medicine Wash Brush

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The Wash Brush
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Bike Medicine Wash Brush

Whilst we use a hose or pressure washer in the store, you can effectively clean your bike with a bucket of warm water and a cleaning product, a job made considerably easier if you have decent brush. With this brush the bristles are soft and paintwork friendly. With this large thick pad of bristles it is easy to soak off the dirt using the carrying capacity of the bristles to transport large quantities of water onto the work. A large plastic handle makes it comfortable to use.

The Full RangeDescription
Purple Extreme An Advanced Chain Lubricant
Golden Degreaser A Powerful Biodegradable Degreaser
Chain Holder An Innovative Chain Holder
Wash Brush A Soft Bristle Brush
Speed Brush A Hard Bristle Brush



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Brand Bike Medicine
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