The first Fixed wheel web store in the UK!

HUBJUB was launched in 2003 to meet the needs of the UK's growing fixed gear community. "In those days it was hard to source any US or Japanese kit apart from MTB or roadie 27spd stuff," says founder Will Meister. "We filled an obvious gap in the market." Building on an initial purchase of £1500 stock, the business ran from a bedroom until the fixed gear boom that kicked off in 2007 prompted a move to an industrial estate and the hire of support staff. 

Moving on
Over the years to come, HUBJUB would stay true to its niche heritage, acquiring a reputation as the place to go for specialist custom orders, especially of NJS keirin racer kit and the Phil Wood range of hubs and BB parts and spares. Sadly towards the end of the noughties rapaceous commercialisation of the fixed wheel bicycle market occured which turned into a glut when those who were simply followers of fashion moved on. Hubjub was almost a victim of the bloodbath which followed but luckily in 2012 found a new home with owners David Eastham and Drew Shergold.

The present
Since that auspicious date, we at Hubjub have continued to develop our range which (as it always did) serves the discerning touring rider and vintage bike enthusiast just as much as our "track-bike-for-the-road" customer base.


How we do business
Hubjub are a small operation and we all ride "proper" bikes: steel framed, most with fixed drivechain, certainly with manageable simple gearing. So whoever you end up with on the phone can mostly advise from expereince what you need to make your bike work!

We sell stuff over the website because that is what many of our customers are used to. But we are also nice chatty people who like to do business over the phone. We like to hear what our customers are up to, and the other advantage of discussing your build often also saves the inconvenience of having to make returns!

Hubjub started in 2003 - and many of our first customers are still with us! For many riders who live where there is no singlespeed cycling community, we are their local bike shop. Enjoy our website, and welcome to the Hubjub family!